Day and Night Spring Looks ft. 2020AVE

Day and Night Spring Looks ft. 2020AVE

It’s safe to say that it’s been one of the coldest winters yet in SoCal (anything below 60°F is cold to us, Californians at least - but that’s besides the point). We’ve had rainfall days on end (at least we’re not in a drought anymore) and we’ve even had snowfall in some parts of the greater Los Angeles area (we could barely drive in the rain, yet alone the snow) and I’m ready for the cold to leave.


I’m longing for the days where it’s a perfect 75°F with the sun shining and a slight breeze passing through, where we can see the flowers beginning to bloom again, and everything and everyone just a little bit brighter and happy - subtly hinting that Spring is coming.

But until then, maybe if I continue to wear spring outfits, the weather will decide to warm up and Spring will skedaddle on over here.

So, slowly but surely enough, I’ve begun transitioning away from the layers and throwing on the skirts and crop tops again. This blog post features two different skirts, both from 2020AVE’s newest spring collection and I’ve decided to do a day look for one and a nighttime look for the other.

Classic Denim Skirt


For daytime outings, I love going with a casual look. I love being able to prance around on my adventures comfortably without looking too over the top, but enough to still look cute and put together. If you’ve been following my Instagram long enough, you’ll know that casual looks are my go-to’s.


A classic denim skirt is a must have in any closet. It goes with just about anything and it can be easily dressed up or down, depending on how you style it. For this particular day look, I dressed it down by pairing it with a tank top and finishing it off with a cardigan and some sneakers. My fave. Add some accessories here and there, and it’s a look. And what makes this denim skirt even better is that it’s distressed. There’s nothing I love more than some distressed denim.



Top: Express

Cardigan: Fashion Nova

Skirt: 2020AVE

Accessories: Forever 21

However, once the sun goes down, it’s a completely different story. My daytime and nighttime looks normally do a complete 180 from one another because while I love being casual during the day, I love dressing up for the night even more.

Statement skirts


I’ve always been a monochromatic kind of person - I rarely ever do any bright colors or crazy patterns and usually tend to stick to the basics. But, I can’t resist the color mustard - mustard the condiment maybe, but not the color. I love how it just stands out. The color is a bit muted compared to just yellow, but it still makes such a statement. And especially this one because of its details from the zippered pockets to the zipper down the middle with a circle clasp. It’s subtle, but it’s enough.


I transitioned into the nighttime look by switching out my sneakers for some heels and ditching the outerwear altogether to expose a little bit of skin. I paired this mustard skirt from 2020AVE with a one shoulder top and completed the look with a baker boy hat. I like that this skirt can easily be paired with any kind of top - crop top, sweater, or blouse.




Skirt: 2020AVE

Hat: Brixton

Watch: MVMT Watches

Rings: Forever 21

Earrings: Ettika

Heels: JustFab x Cldstyle

And ta-da! Those were my two spring looks I know I’ll be sporting once the weather warms up. I’ll probably be doing variations of the outfits by switching up the items every so often. But that’s only something I can only wish for at the moment because both looks were shot in the freezing cold, so until then, the layers are here to stay. But I can’t wait to bust out these skirts again in the near future.

Thank you 2020AVE for collaborating with me for your newest spring collection. :)

With love always,

Viv x

Accurate representation of how I’ll be running into spring -